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Video: This Hotel Has the Top Views of Edinburgh

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There are a few important things on our check list of a great hotel: alluring architecture and design, lifestyle, dining and sipping... and if possible, an amazing view.

The Balmoral Edinburgh has it all. This storied hotel in Scotland's capital is located at 1 Prince's Street. It's an unrivaled position overlooking some of the best views of the city: Edinburgh Castle, Prince's Street, New Town, even Arthur's Seat, the park on the remnants of an ancient volcano rising out of the city.

The Balmoral Edinburgh also stands out in Edinburgh's streetscape. It crowns the head of Edinburgh's famous Prince's Street, which ties with the Royal Mile as the city's two signature streets. It's said to be the only hotel in Edinburgh that was purpose-built, that is, built to be a hotel. Other historic buildings have been converted into hotels, but The Balmoral Edinburgh was conceived as the city's luxe train station hotel, and has remained a hotel ever since, the center of society for generations of luxury travelers to the capital of Scotland.

Its historic clock tower is a city of Edinburgh landmark. The clock traditionally runs a couple of minutes fast so travelers rushing to their trains have just a bit more time than they thought they did. We were told a story that when new owners took over the hotel and corrected the clock's time, there was an uproar of people missing their trains. So it was returned to being that couple of minutes off and has remained so ever since - except on New Year's Eve, when it accurately counts down to the New Year.

Now a Rocco Forte luxury hotel, the Balmoral Edinburgh has appeal for any traveler whose check list for a great hotel matches ours. Design that honors the historic building and Scottish atmosphere, yet has modern design hotel credentials. A culinary partnership with the renowned Alain Roux brand. A fabled collection of whiskies. And those views from above 1 Prince's Street.

Take a look at the view, and our other top reasons to stay at the Balmoral!

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